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PayPal shopping: Well-known cheap kids clothes stores that accept paypal

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This helps keep this website running.

Flatlay of kids denim dungarees, t shirt and shoes

Many of us don’t want online stores to save our credit card data into their store systems. Yet as parents we still want to be able to shop the best deals for our kids – just safely. Here I show you how you can do that with PayPal.

Read on below for a list of cheap kids clothing stores that accept PayPal online. I’ve shopped at these before myself, with PayPal, and it’s reliable.

Some retailers store your credit card details without you knowing

A surprisingly large proportion of online retailers by default save credit card details long-term in their systems – from the first time you place an order. Some allow customers to opt out, but not all.

The good news: PayPal shopping

If on principle you don’t feel comfortable with online stores having access to your credit card number, there’s good news for you. More and more online retailers are offering checkout with PayPal as an alternative option to their regular credit card checkout. With PayPal checkout, the store never sees your credit card details, so it’s safer for you in case of a data breach. That’s right: you have all the convenience of online shopping with your existing credit card, with the extra comfort of knowing the store never has access to that credit card number.

PayPal is my method of choice at checkout if it’s offered at the online store where I’m shopping, for exactly those reasons.

Many of us already have a PayPal account, but if you don’t have one yet, you can sign up at

Remember as with anything, to use a unique and highly secure password for your PayPal account. You still need to keep your PayPal account safe because it has your credit card details. The online stores never get access to those details, but PayPal has them, so keep it safe.

I personally still feel more secure using PayPal for my purchases than having my credit card details stored at multiple vendors’ sites.

The list of budget-friendly children’s clothing stores that accept PayPal as an option

In addition to the option of regular credit cards, many online stores now offer PayPal too. Yes, I have shopped at these cheap kids clothes stores personally before with PayPal, so I can attest the checkout works well and is reliable.

French Toast – A “hidden gem”: a superb range of high quality scholastic wear at a budget-friendly price point. More than just uniforms, I shop here once or twice a year for basics to round out my child’s wardrobe. Parents at non-uniformed schools often just don’t think to shop there, yet their basics stand up very well next to other non-uniformed alternatives. French Toast offers PayPal as one of the checkout options.

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OshKoshBGosh and Carter’s – These well-known sibling brands let you navigate from one to the other smoothly and add to a combined cart. They have combined checkout, and offer PayPal as an option at checkout.

The Children’s Place – This budget-friendly yet stylish brand offers PayPal as an option at checkout.

Gymboree - this affordable yet upscale-looking brand offers PayPal as a checkout option as well.

Janie and Jack - although quite a bit pricier than the others mentioned here, Janie and Jack can be affordable when they have a sale. They have beautiful boutique-style clothing which is ideal when seeking a special item for photos of your child. They offer PayPal at checkout.

Extra benefits of PayPal shopping

I noticed these additional benefits through my experiences checking out with PayPal:

  • Added confidence when shopping at a store that’s new to me: I never have to worry that they would have access to my credit card number. Of course, you should still research any online store that’s new to you to make sure it’s legit. The stores I mentioned above are safe and legit.
  • Snagging great deals that I’d otherwise have given a miss because I wouldn’t have wanted the hassle of creating a whole new account at a new store. I’ve managed to get some fantastic deals without the hassle of store sign-up!
  • Purchase protection: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for a valid reason (e.g. an item never arrived, or an item was damaged during shipping) you can file a dispute on PayPal within a certain number of days, typically 30 days but up to 180 in some cases. This helps give you protection against any unscrupulous vendors. I’ve never yet actually had to use that feature. If anything goes wrong with the order – and that’s not happened to me yet either – I personally would contact the store themselves as soon as possible i.e. well before PayPal’s purchase protection time limit is up, and give the store a chance to make it right first. I like having the Purchase Protection guarantee as a backup line of defense in case it’s needed, though.
  • Faster and easier to check out: In most cases, PayPal will even fill in your billing and shipping addresses for you when you’re doing guest checkout via PayPal. It’s faster and easier than standard checkout – no mess, no fuss. Tip: Make sure your PayPal shipping address shows correctly, since some stores allow your PayPal shipping address to override any other address you put into the store site checkout. You’ll always want the addresses to match so that your items ship to the correct place. This is generally only an issue if you recently moved, or moved since you last used your PayPal.
  • No need to create multiple online accounts at multiple stores. If you just want to shop one-off at a store that you may never shop at again, you don’t need to make a whole new account there for just one purchase. Simply use the PayPal checkout option at guest checkout instead.


French Toast, OshKoshBGosh, Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Gymboree and Janie and Jack all offer PayPal as a payment option. This can be helpful if you’re looking to shop online for affordable clothing for your kids – with the added security of not having your credit card details saved by the store.

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