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Best places for discount children's boutique clothing

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Two girls dressed in kids boutique clothing playing with bubble mix

If you're looking for boutique children's clothing without breaking the bank, you're in the right place here! This is all about where to get beautiful unique kids clothes online.

Sustainable children's boutique clothing online

First we'll take a look at children's boutiques which have an environmentally and socially conscious mission. These boutiques use sustainable fabrics wherever possible and they pay their workers a living wage. This sounds like it could get expensive, but they're aware that parents budgets are stretched thin, therefore fortunately affordability is one of the factors they aim for.

You'll find that these sustainable brands are cheap compared to most kids boutiques, but they're still a little bit more expensive than discount store clothing. Then again, you're getting a lot more for your money than you would for mass-produced discount clothing.

Nest Designs

Nest Designs

Nest Designs is a sustainable brand of baby and toddler boutique clothing. Some of their clothes are offered in larger sizes up to size 5 - 6. Nest Designs is a Canadian brand which also ships to the US. They have lots of cute high-quality clothes.

Everything is gender neutral, so you just buy a T-shirt, for example. You don't buy a girls tee or a boys tee. The unisex clothing makes it super-easy and convenient to shop at this children's online boutique.

Petite Revery

Petite Revery

If your kids are toddlers or older, you'll love Petite Revery, which is actually the big-sibling store of Nest Designs. Petite Revery has sustainable and socially consciously crafted children's clothing for ages 18 months up to 9 or 10 years old. The colors and styles from Petite Revery are playful and colorful in a muted way - soft patterns of different colors, very beautiful and natural-looking.

Little & Lively

Little and Lively

Little & Lively by The Kindred Studio is a separate Canadian children's boutique which ships to the US, also with an ethical mission of sustainability and locally made clothing.

They serve a range of kids sizes, from newborn all the way to age 14. Whether you're looking for baby boutique clothing or for older kids, they've got you covered. As with the other brands I mentioned above, most pieces from Little & Lively are unisex, with the exception of dresses and ruffle tees which are geared more towards girls. So if you buy a T-shirt, you're getting a child's T-shirt, not a boys shirt versus a girls shirt.

Classic traditional children's clothing boutiques

If you're seeking more of a traditional look for your child such as rompers or shortalls with smocking or embroidery, then you'll love these classic children's boutiques. Their clothing is perfect for formal photos or special events. These brands cost a little more but it's reasonable when you consider all the extra work that goes into these formal styles.

Little English

336x280 - Free Shipping

For high quality timeless styles that look crisp and neat, Little English is the place to look! It's for children aged 6 months to 8 years. Sizes offered depends on the type of piece; for example styles that only younger kids wear (e.g. shortalls) typically go only up to size 4T. On the other hand, most dresses go all the way up to size 8.

In addition to the more formal styles with applique or embroidery, at Little English you can also find some everyday styles, but still with a classic look.

Pleats and Stitches

Another great option for embroidered and smocked children's and toddler clothes is Pleats and Stitches at Etsy.com. This Etsy shop has so many styles - everything you can imagine. Sizes go from 9 months to 10 years old depending on the type of item.

Everything is so beautifully made and wonderfully detailed. It's well worth taking a look. The price point is cheaper than Little English.

On-trend children's fashion boutiques

If you want your child to look great in today's styles, to have something they can wear every day and look so put-together, this is where to go. Although a little more expensive than the other stores on this page, it's still affordable compared to high end boutiques. And your child will look his or her best!

Janie and Jack

If you want everything from children's resort wear to formal wear to everyday clothes, I recommend Janie and Jack. Its look leans slightly traditional but with a modern twist that is absolutely on trend. If I could choose to get all my children's clothes from just one boutique, this is the one I'd pick. All the accessories your child needs are there too - whether it's hair accessories and shoes for her, or a belt and tie for him.

Best of all, sizing covers a big range. The baby section goes from 0 to 24 months. There's also the main boy and girls sections which cover toddlers through elementary school age. Finally, there's a tween section with a more grown-up look for ages 8 to 18.

Bonus option: what to do if budget is a big concern

Although not technically a boutique, if price is a concern then you can get a similar boutique look at a much lower price point when you shop at Gymboree.

Gymboree is a children's clothing brand which is somewhat similar in look to Janie and Jack: modern and on trend, but with traditional high quality styling.

Of all the stores mentioned in this article, Gymboree is the most affordable - yet is still much more beautiful and more on trend than average non-boutique children's clothing stores. Sizing goes from 12 months to 12 years old - so they're perfect whether you're looking for cheap toddler boutique clothing or older kids boutiques. Styles cover everything from picture-perfect everyday wear to formal clothing. You can shop Gymboree here.

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