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French Toast clothing review – children’s school wear

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, this balanced review was based on my own personal shopping experiences at French Toast.

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Our rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

Here I’m reviewing French Toast – the US schoolwear brand. Their clothing is about more than just uniforms, although uniforms and dress codes are a major specialty of theirs.

I’ll tell you about my shopping experience and about the quality of the products, and then I’ll cover some quick pros and cons.

I first shopped at French Toast not because I was seeking uniforms (my children attend a non-uniform school), but because I was buying formal-looking pull-on pants for my kids, who couldn’t deal with snaps or buttons yet. French Toast stocks the best all-around versions of these. All I could find at other stores were bulky cargo pants with side pockets.

While I was on the French Toast site looking for pull-on pants, I also took a look at their other products, such as uniforms. I was pleasantly surprised by the budget-friendly price points.

Here’s what I bought on my first order: 2 pairs of pull-on khaki-style pants for boys, 1 long sleeve uniform-style polo neck shirt, and a 3-pack of socks.

Ordering process

I found the site very easy to navigate and to order from.

French Toast accepts all major credit cards, or you can checkout via PayPal. My order was delivered promptly and accurately.

Quality of items

The quality of the top and pants were superb. These pants proved to be the brand my children enjoyed the most for daily wear, and easily outlasted the ones we bought around the same time from Old Navy and Children’s Place. Likewise, the red long sleeve polo top was made of thick durable material, and it looked great on my boy. He looked quite the little schoolboy!

The only thing I was less than thrilled with was the 3-pack of socks. They were somewhat thinner than I would have liked and weren’t that comfortable on the skin. Sock sizing info wasn’t well-specified either. This was a little while ago now so it’s possible things may have changed for the better since then. This was a minor issue however, and more than outweighed by the premium quality and the great durability of the pants and top. Both by look and feel, the pants and top were superb.

French Toast summary: Pros and Cons


  • High quality scholastic wear for children.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Almost every imaginable color and style of uniform is available. If your child’s school specifies an unusual polo shirt color like gold, burgundy, teal and more, French Toast has it!
  • Easy to find what you need: shop by size, item type, or by school.
  • You can find your child’s school dress code with the French Toast dress code finder. This saves you time: enter your school info and it will identify the products you need.
  • Stocks hard to find items like uniform pants that don't require your child to be able to do zippers and buttons, like the Pull-On Boys Pant.
  • Also offers outerwear and other hard to find items like blazers and belts.
  • Stocks some non-uniform clothing too. Additionally, some of the uniform products work equally well as ordinary separates to pair with other items for a non-uniformed child. Cute blouses for girls are a prime example.
  • More of a range of sizes than any other children’s clothing store: sizing starts at preschool 2T and goes right through to the end of high school / start of adulthood.
  • Clothing fits true to size.


  • Mobile site a little clunky (although desktop or laptop versions work just fine).
  • Socks and accessory sizing is a little confusing; sock quality was a little lower than I expected.

As you can see, the negatives are minor and are more than outweighed by the positives.


The US brand French Toast is a reputable, trustworthy online store for high quality children’s schoolwear. Whether you are seeking a one-stop uniform shop, or looking just for a few separates to pair with a non-uniform wardrobe, I highly recommend French Toast. I would definitely shop there again based on my shopping experiences. They run coupon deals every now and then, so snagging one of those can make their low pricing an even sweeter deal for you.

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