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8 Things Parents Wish Children's Clothing Stores Would Do

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8 things parents wish children's apparel websites would do

1. Pants fastenings – let us know what types they are!

Some of us have kids that can do buttons but not snaps, others vice versa. We can’t tell what type of snap it is from the picture, no matter how much we zoom in!

Doing it right: Old Navy - when you expand the product details on a pair of pants, it tells you there exactly what type of fastening is used.

2. Hats, underwear, socks and mittens – please include a sizing chart specific to accessories

Do not assume that we will assume the scale is identical to your other items. (It often isn’t, anyway.)

3. If you accept PayPal, display the logo at the bottom of your home page

Some of us don’t want to type in our credit card number into a store we haven’t shopped at before.

4. For any kids pants sizes up to 6, please offer at least one pull-on elastic-waist style!

Yes, my kid can put together advanced Lego pieces. This does not mean he can get snaps and buttons off in time for the bathroom!

Doing it right: French Toast

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5. Skirt length – please specify, or show on model to give a sense of scale

It helps if we know we’re getting a mini-skirt best worn with leggings, or a knee-length skirt.

6. Please achieve some sort of gender balance on your home page

Parents of girls won’t mind either way, but parents of boys will notice if it’s heavily skewed toward girls.

7. Allow us to sort results of a search by price

No, not all of you do that.

Doing it right: OshKosh B'gosh

8. Have an “about us” or “our story” page

It makes us, your customers, feel more special to take a peek at your design philosophy.

Doing it right: Cotton On Kids

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