How to Find Cheap Kids Clothes

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How to find kids clothes for cheap

There are plenty of ways you can find cheap clothes for your kids! Here are the best tips for buying brand new at clearance prices:

1. Shop the clearance area

Whether online or in-store, the clearance area is a great place to look. Online is ideal, since you can typically filter very easily by size. In contrast, in-store the clearance racks can take longer and be more hit-and-miss. These days, many budget-friendly children’s clothing stores have a specific area on their website labelled “clearance” or “sale” where you can get some really great deals at a cheap price point.

Take a peek at some of the kids clothing stores who do it right at low prices – click here to go straight to Crazy 8’s sale area, and the Children’s Place also has an easy-to-find clearance area. That was just a couple of examples, but you can click here for the full list of our 6 cheap yet high quality stores for kids clothes to check out their clearance sections.

FYI – if you can afford to step up just a little bit in quality and price, you’ll be certain to enjoy Gymboree’s boy’s and girl’s sale areas here or the OshKosh B’Gosh clearance section here. Now your child can proudly sport these exclusive looks without breaking your budget.

Pros for clearance area:

  • A chance to get rock-bottom pricing on your kids clothes.
  • A chance to go a step or two up in brand name than you normally could afford.

Cons for clearance area:

  • Typically these are the items that don’t sell as well: the nicest items may already be gone (often long since sold out at regular pricing) and/or not available in your child’s size.
  • Very limited selection from which to choose.

Gymboree Sale On Now!

2. Shop the sales

Shopping the sales is another great tactic to get cheap kids clothes. You can get 20%, 30%, and sometimes even 50% or more off!

It can be difficult to know the right moment to shop the sales, because sales in children’s clothes are very short: typically just one to three days, although some do run for longer. With many sales happening on and off here and there, it can be hard to keep up with what deals are being offered. There are a couple of ways around that problem though – we’ve got you covered!

a). Sign up to be on our mailing list (see bar at top of page, or box on the sidebar). You’ll get updated when a new post or deal comes up on the site, so you won’t have to keep checking back here all the time to find the deals, nor will you get inundated with mediocre deals. We never spam you or sell your email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time!

I only collate the best of the best deals from cheap children’s clothing boutiques (plus occasional other stores if we hear of a great deal from them). This will keep you pretty much on top of the deals, but remember that it can never completely substitute for doing your own homework, since what I consider “the best of the best” deals may be different to what you would pick. Therefore, you should also:

b). Sign up to get on the email list of any children’s clothing stores you like (read my post on how to do that here). They’ll send you mail every time they run any deal or promotion, so you’ll be certain never to miss anything. The only downside to this is that your inbox can get pretty full of so-so deals, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to miss anything, ever.

Some examples of prior great deals that I have recently mentioned on this site are: Free shipping on all orders +20% off coupon ; 30% off entire store with coupon; $6.99 and up sleepwear, to name just a few. So rest assured the sales are a great way to get children’s clothes for cheap!

Pros for shopping the sales:

  • You can get great kids clothes at cheap prices
  • Selection is usually good – much better than the clearance section

Cons for shopping the sales:

  • Your child may need the item NOW, meaning you’ll have to buy at full price instead of waiting for a sale to come around.  If you tend to run into that problem, we’ve got you covered for the future: check out our article on getting all your kids clothes cheap, year-round! You need never buy at full price again.

3. Shop regular price at cheap budget-friendly children’s clothing boutiques

Yes, to my happy surprise, I found that the cheap specialty children’s clothing stores can be even lower cost than major discount retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, etc in terms of pricing. This can be true even at regular pricing. Don’t be intimidated by these specialty kids clothes stores. Try our list of 6 best budget-friendly children’s clothes stores as a start. I’ve shopped at all of those before, but the ones I keep coming back to again for cheap kids clothes are (in no particular order): Crazy 8, The Children’s Place, and Cookies Kids.

Some of my top favorites:
Crazy 8 Sale On Now!    


4. Shop on eBay for “new with tag” items

Another option for brand new cheap kids clothes is to shop on eBay. If you’re doing this, do your research and be careful! This can be a little riskier than buying from actual stores, but eBay offers a protection guarantee. I would only recommend purchasing “new with tag” items– there are some unscrupulous sellers who try to pass off a used item as new. My personal buying tips for eBay are:

  • Do your research on seller’s feedback score to make sure you’re dealing with an honest reliable seller before buying. Take the time to read any neutral or negative comments before considering buying. I personally only go for sellers with well over 99% positive feedback.
  • Make sure the item description says “new with tag” (you can use the filters to refine your results if need be) AND
  • Make sure seller’s photos include a pic of the tag as proof that the item really does come with the tags still on. Quite a lot of sellers omit this.
  • Finally, if you have any questions about an item, get answers before bidding or buying.  A reputable seller should always message you back promptly.

I tend to shop eBay for items like shoes and accessories, or hard-to-find items that don’t always make it into cheap kids clothes stores (e.g. boy’s tie, etc).

The bottom line

Those were several ways of finding cheap kids clothes, brand new, at clearance prices. You need never buy at full price again!

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