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Kids summer activities – 23 free or cheap summer ideas to do with kids

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Here are some cheap or free things to do this summer for boys and girls of all ages.

You can have a ton of fun with your kids without having to pay lots of money!

Here is my all-in-one list of summer family and kids activities:

  1. Picnic at the park
  2. Bake (cookies, bread etc). Make a large batch and give some to a neighbor or friend.
  3. Library
  4. Local public pool
  5. Invite over a friend for a playdate
  6. Plant fast-growing seeds (radish, marigold etc)
  7. Cardboard box fort
  8. Bubble bath
  9. Washing the car - have the kids be in bathing suits and make a game of it!
  10. Buy a mylar balloon each from dollar store – small outlay, hours of fun.
  11. Rock painting
  12. Sprinkler fun
  13. Shaving foam in bath
  14. Make your own ice cream sundae party at home – and invite a little friend or two around for an ice cream fun playdate. Cheaper than going out for ice-cream, and twice as fun!
  15. Hiking trail
  16. Sidewalk chalk. Either pictures, or make roads for driving toy cars. Too much direct sunlight? Give them a golf umbrella each and let it rest, open, on the ground where they're working. It's the perfect size for a young child to sit in its shade while drawing.
  17. Pick-a-vege at the supermarket. They pick, you have to make a dish with it, or if applicable you can serve it raw with dip.
  18. Buy a bunch of crafting items from dollar store (popsicle sticks, construction paper etc) and have the kids create their own project.
  19. Easy & cheap mini road trip – take a trip to a small town near you, explore!
  20. Catch public transportation together. Yes, even if it’s less convenient than driving!
  21. Sprinkler park, if they have one in your area. A good sprinkler park is worth the travel, and public ones are usually free.
  22. Gather up old toys to give to charity. Go shopping for 1 new toy afterward, dollar amount equal to number of old toys donated.
  23. Have family movie night and overnight camp-out in sitting room.
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