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Ideas for modest women’s Halloween costumes that are still flattering

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Most of the Halloween events I attend are family-friendly ones – so I don’t want to show up in a sexy nurse outfit when my doorbell rings with little trick-or-treaters!

But if you look in any Halloween mail flyer, you might notice that it can be quite difficult to find modest costumes for women that are still cute and flattering to wear.

You won’t want dated or out of style costumes either.

Good news: I’ve managed to find some cute solutions to this dilemma for you - without breaking your budget!

Here are a bunch of different options you can try:

Idea 1. Masquerade ball costume – ultra-cheap, ultra-elegant!

This one is very easy to do, cheap, and super-elegant. Simply get:

  • An existing evening gown you own (although be careful: if you don’t want to risk any damage, purchase a pre-owned gown at your local thrift shop for this costume)
  • A masquerade mask. This should be a very cheap item – you might be able to get this in-store locally in the Halloween aisles, or you can even make your own to match your dress with some cardstock, a wooden kebab skewer and some paint, glue, feathers and glitter. No time to drive around or make your own? These masks (the hands-free version is known as “Venetian masks”) are also available cheaply online in the Mardi Gras or masquerade section of Halloween stores. My favorite places for where to get this style of mask: or Trendy Halloween (see their masquerade section here).

You’re done! You’ll look absolutely stunning – yet modestly covered.

Idea 2. Renaissance costumes as Halloween wear.

Yes, even if you don’t attend Renaissance fairs, you can get yourself a Renaissance costume for Halloween! Most styles are modest and very figure-flattering for truly all shapes and sizes.

Guinevere Renaissance Lady Adult Womens Costume

If you want to keep to a cheap price point, I suggest you avoid specialty Renaissance stores – these tend to be more historically authentic but can get quite pricey.

Instead, go for a Renaissance costume from a Halloween store. For this, I personally recommend Trendy Halloween because they are:

  1. family-friendly – ideal if you’re letting your kids watch while you browse,
  2. have a good range of Renaissance costumes at different price points, several of which are very budget-friendly
  3. low shipping rates (free for orders above $50 at the time of writing; low flat-rate below $50).

By contrast, I found that most other Halloween stores don’t have quite such a favorable price + shipping cost, and one of these uses weird gimmicks like only offering discounts if a bunch of conditions are fulfilled, e.g. all items being purchased from the same warehouse – no thanks, shipping should be their problem not mine!

So, that’s why I recommend Trendy Halloween, but feel free to shop around and seek out what store is best for you.

3. Select a pre-made modest Halloween costume

Consider any of the ideas below for a modest yet flattering costume. You can click/tap on any of these for info on sizing and pricing.

Venus Goddess of Love Adult Womens Costume The Huntsman Deluxe Queen Freya Adult Womens Costume Pirate Lady Adult Womens Costume Royal Storybook Queen Adult Womens Costume Spartan Goddess Adult Womens Costume


Yes, it is possible to select a modest yet flattering Halloween costume - without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

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