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Postsnap review - the app that turns a phone pic into a real postcard

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: Postsnap gave me a coupon covering the cost of a postcard to try it out for this review.

Family taking a selfieToday we’re reviewing Postsnap, an app which turns your phone photos into a real postcard and mails it off. This is ideal as we move into the summer months with photos of our kiddos having fun. Postsnap has several advantages over other postcard services, so I’m reviewing it here.

It’s free to download Postsnap at the app store – you don’t have to pay anything while you’re designing your postcard, and you’ll only have to pay for the postcard when you’re ready to actually mail it. So trying it out is risk-free, unlike many other postcard apps that charge for the app itself.

How Postsnap works (it’s super-easy!)

All you do is install the app, then Postsnap does the work for you:

1. First you choose a photo from your phone. Or you can take a fresh photo from within the app.

2. Then you personalize the postcard and next type a message in the back. You can even sign your handwritten name using the touchscreen.

3. You tell them where in the world you want it sent, and they print and mail it for you. Easy-peasy.

My experiences with Postsnap

  • I noticed immediately upon opening the app that Postsnap makes it fast to use and easy for you to pick choices for personalization. These are all fun things like single pic, 2 pics or multi-collage? Do you wish to add decorative text on the front? I was very impressed by its combo of ease of use and range of options. You feel powerful using it and making these choices, yet not overwhelmed with options you don’t need. They make it easy to create a great postcard.
  • Then for the back of the postcard, it asks you to type in the message you want the recipient to read. You can also opt to sign it with your handwritten name using the touchscreen (which I did – it’s another fun option you don’t see in most other postcard services). You may even add a small profile photo to your message.
  • Postsnap then shows you what the finished front and back would look like in case you need to change something. You can swipe back and forth between the front and back preview as many times as you like. On the off-chance you do wish to change something, it’s easy to go back without having to exit out or start over.
  • The postcard arrived in the mail promptly and reliably, and it was perfect. The paper quality was good; not flimsy like an advertising postcard. In particular if you’re mailing vacation pics, the glossy finish really makes outdoor colors and lighting pop.


I found that Postsnap really shines compared to other services. Here are its advantages.

  • They mail out of multiple locations (US, UK and Australia) to anywhere in the world. So depending on where you’re sending, the postcard will probably arrive faster with Postsnap than another service, since it’ll be mailed out of the location closest to the recipient. Most other postcard services send only out of one location, and this can result in very slow service to some destinations.
  • Postsnap also lets you create and send invitations or announcements, not just postcards. Yes, from within that one app.
  • I know I’ve already said it, but its ease of use and range of options is absolutely outstanding.
  • Downloading the app is free. You’re only charged if and when you mail a postcard. Other postcard companies will make you pay up-front for the app itself, which is frustrating if you later find it doesn’t suit you.


  • The only disadvantage that I could find is that right now Postsnap is for iPhone only, so Android users might be disappointed. On a positive note, they’re planning to release an Android version in the not-too-distant future.


Postsnap is a reliable, legitimate and high-quality postcard sending service. They make it fast and easy for you to turn your phone photo into a beautifully presented postcard which is mailed off to the recipient of your choice worldwide. You also have the option to create and send invitations or announcements, not just postcards. You can also find out more on the Postsnap website.

Based on my experiences using Postsnap, I highly recommend it. It’s ideal for sharing a special vacation photo with relatives or friends, and the surprise of receiving it in the physical mailbox is guaranteed to be a big hit with the recipient.

Also, this makes it easy to promise to send postcards on your vacation. No need to hunt down a pre-made postcard or purchase postage – just take a pic of your family having fun, or snap a creative pic of the area and let Postsnap do the rest!

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