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Product review: Winter PE wear and school uniforms from French Toast

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I was given free items of apparel from French Toast to review in this article. Also, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post; this helps keep this website running.

Here I'm reviewing winter PE clothing and school uniform wear from U.S. brand French Toast. If you need cold weather items for your child, you'll enjoy the thickness and quality of these. The pricing is very affordable and the clothes look great, making this brand a great option when you need some extra pieces of clothing for your child, even if he or she does not attend a school with a uniform.

Today we'll examine the French Toast Fleece Sweatpant for boys and girls, the Boys Straight Fit Chino with Power Knees, the Long-sleeve Pique Polo, and face masks.

PE wear

My son John in the French Toast activewear pants, long sleeve polo top and mask
My son John in the French Toast activewear pants, long sleeve polo top and mask

The Fleece Sweatpant for boys and girls is wonderfully warm and comfortable. My son very much enjoyed wearing these because they gave him an excellent range of movement while still keeping him warm. Here's a little more detail at the waist and ankles in close-up:

Fleece PE pants from French Toast - waist detail

Waist detail

Fleece PE pants from French Toast - ankle detail

Ankle detail

These sweatpants are fleece-lined inside. The white drawstring is functional but not elastic; that's fine as the waist itself is fully elastic and the elastic feels very thick and sturdy, ready to hold up to any PE activity. The jogger-style cuffs have one hidden advantage that we noticed right away: they allow your child a little more flexibility in height and growth. This is because if the pants happen to be a little long, the cuffs can be tucked up a little more inside the pant. They look more like a straight-edge pant leg if you do that though, but you can't really go wrong with either look.

Regarding face masks, this winter the only difference in the French Toast masks is that now it's possible to buy them on the French Toast website without restrictions, whereas before you could only get them if you ordered clothing items. My oldest son has thoroughly tested this style of mask during a season of cross-country. I can attest they are comfortable and hold up well in all situations including sports; I'll talk separately about the masks at the end.

School uniform wear

My son John in the French Toast straight fit chino with power knees, long sleeve polo, and mask
My son John in the French Toast straight fit chino, long sleeve pique polo, and mask

Moving onto winter school uniforms, French Toast has a huge range of pants and tops to choose from, but today I'm reviewing just two of these: the Boys Straight Fit Chino with Power Knees and the Long-sleeve Pique Polo. Let's take a look at both:

French Toast long sleeve pique polo - neck detail

Long sleeve pique polo - neck detail

As you can see from neck detail, the polo shirt looks great and there is even a space to write your child's name - perfect for laundry days if you have more than one child. Compared with other brands of long sleeve children's polo tops that we own, the French Toast one is noticeably thicker quality material and comes out of the laundry looking great. The polo that you see here is the standard French Toast Long-sleeve Pique Polo and is available in a rainbow of colors for both boys and girls.

Parents of girls, if you prefer a winter polo that looks a little more girly while still fulfilling uniform requirements, French Toast also makes a feminine fit long sleeve pique polo, it even has flower-shaped buttons.

Let's move on to the long pants. Here they are shown in navy blue, but they are also available in khaki, gray, and black.

French Toast straight fit chino with power knees - detail French Toast straight fit chino with power knees - waist detail
Boys straight fit chino with power knees

Above some close-up details of the Boys Straight Fit Chino with Power Knees. As you can see, the inner waistband is adjustable, and there is an easy hook-and-bar closure. A word about the power knees - these are reinforced areas on inside of the pants at the knee area for maximum durability. It's completely invisible from the outside, no seams or sewing.


Here is the close-up of the mask we received from French Toast this winter.

French Toast face mask

They come in a pack of 3, which is convenient. The ear loops are soft and stretchy and made of round elastic that won't get twisted. The French Toast mask has two layers of soft fabric, with a space in between where you can place a filter if you wish to. We haven't tried it with filter, since we feel the two layers of fabric is plenty, but it's nice to know the option is there. The mask we received this winter is the same style as back in the fall, which is good since we tried it out a lot back then. My oldest is on the cross country team at school, and the French Toast mask was by far his preferred brand of mask for this purpose, in fact I had to always make sure I had done enough laundry to have one of these available as he liked them the best. They had to wear masks to practices and meets, only taking them off when actually running. Even when running, they still had to either wear them pulled down or carry them the whole time during the race because they needed to be able to put the mask back on right after the race ended. Therefore, it is safe to say that our family's French Toast masks have been thoroughly tested.

My oldest found this mask to be comfortable worn on the face and also when pulled down while actually running. We never had it fall off, which is more important than you might think when your child is running a 3K race. My child liked to run all his races (and practices) with the mask pulled down instead of carrying it, and I can attest to the comfort factor - many masks are simply not very comfortable against the neck when pulled down. This is relevant not just to sports, but to other situations in the school day when your child needs to pull down their mask, such as lunch time. A comfortable mask is more likely to wind up safely pulled down by your child, instead of placed on a table that may have germs.


The winter items I reviewed here, the French Toast French Toast Fleece Sweatpant for boys and girls, the Boys Straight Fit Chino with Power Knees, the Long-sleeve Pique Polo, and face masks were of great quality and felt comfortable for my child. I love the way they look.

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