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Review of MySchoolBucks - a school cafeteria payment system

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Here I'm reviewing MySchoolBucks from a parent's point of view.

About MySchoolBucks

MySchoolBucks is a school payment system, so it's where you as a parent can put money into your child's school cafeteria account.

To use it, your child's school needs to be already set up on MySchoolBucks. In that situation, you will receive instructions for creating an account. I didn't have any problems with it. I was able to make an account and set up both my kids in my account. They make it easy.

Depending on how your child's school has set things up with MySchoolBucks, you'll be able to pay various school expenses there. My children's school only uses it for cafeteria accounts. But some schools use MySchoolBucks to additionally let parents pay for their child's field trip payments, tuition fees, equipment fees, and more.

Program Fee

Be aware that there is a cost that MySchoolBucks will charge you the parent for the convenience of using their system, called a program fee. So if you want to deposit a certain amount into your child's account, they'll add an extra surcharge. For our children's school, it's a flat $2.50 per transaction, regardless of how much or how little you put into your child's account. This means that it is generally to your advantage to make fewer larger transactions instead of frequently depositing smaller amounts.

This amount may be different for different schools depending on how your school is set up on MySchoolBucks. Therefore it's possible depending on the services provided that your school's amount is either more or less than the $2.50 I pay.


  • Reliable and legitimate. Everything works as it's supposed to.
  • You can see at a glance how much money each student has in their account when you log in. No need to call the school cafeteria to figure out the balance.
  • You can opt to set low balance alerts, where MySchoolBucks automatically emails you to let you know when your child's balance dips below a certain amount. You get to pick the triggering amount.
  • Besides using it on the computer, you can also use the MySchoolBucks phone app for iOS and Android, so you can manage everything via your phone if you prefer.
  • You can see what food items your child has purchased on their cafeteria account, if you're curious as to what they're eating.


  • Families on a tight budget who wish to pay small amounts more frequently may find themselves at a disadvantage with a flat $2.50 fee per transaction.


MySchoolBucks is a reliable and legitimate school payment system. I've used it for a school year so far, and have not encountered any problems.

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