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Where to find boys ties, boys belts, dress shoes and other formal accessories

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Flatlay of boys dress shoes, tie, and other formal accessories

If your boy will be attending a formal event - a wedding, celebration, or formal dance classes - he will need the appropriate attire. The good news is that there are formal clothes and accessories available in styles for boys of all ages, from toddler to teen boys - if you know where to look.

In a separate article I've talked about where to find boys formal clothes, but in this article we'll take a look at where to find the accessories to go with his outfit. Regardless of whether your boy is wearing a suit, tuxedo, or dress pants and a blazer or sport coat, he'll still need formal accessories: a tie, a belt and dress shoes. Depending on what he already has, he may also need socks - white athletic socks are not going to be appropriate for a formal event. Fortunately, I've got you covered. I had to go through this recently when outfitting my boys with formal wear, so I know where to find all of the pieces you need.

Let's take a look at where to get boys ties, belts, dress shoes and dress socks.

Best places for boys ties

For boys aged 4 to 11, you'll definitely need to get a boy's tie because a men's tie will be far too long. Boys ties are typically pre-tied or clip-on. I recommend the ties from French Toast - these ties come in a choice of many different solid colors or plaids, they have an adjustable strap, and best of all you can safely put the tie in the washing machine. The two main sizes they have are for ages 4 to 7 and for ages 8 to 12.

Toddlers also need a pre-tied adjustable tie that loops around the neck or a clip-on tie - it's not like you're going to be tying a half-Windsor for him! Since toddler ties need to fit a child even smaller than the elementary school ages mentioned above, I recommend for maximum ease and convenience that you get a toddler shirt and tie set on Amazon. The set is designed to work together and look good, and best of all you don't then have to hunt up a toddler shirt and a separate toddler tie. However, if you do want to get just a tie for your toddler (for example, you already have a shirt for him), it is possible to find toddler ties but very few places have them for children so young. For toddler ties I recommend The Children's Place; they have adjustable ties specifically for the baby and toddler sizes.

For boys aged 12 and up, I'd recommend using a standard men's tie - tying these is a skill they'll need to learn at some point anyway. For this, I'd recommend the brand name ties at Belk.com - it's very cheap since Belk is a clearance seller of top brands, operating on a similar model to Overstock, TJ Maxx, and so on. Another great place for ties is Men's Wearhouse. If for some reason your teen boy needs a pre-tied tie instead, then rest assured French Toast has pre-tied ties available in a size for older boys aged 14 - 20.

Where to find boys bow ties

A bow tie is another option for a formal festive occasion. If your boy will be wearing a tuxedo then he'll have to pair it with a bow tie. Or with a regular suit, a bow tie gives you an alternative option for neckwear.

I recommend traditional children's brand Janie and Jack - they have pre-tied adjustable bow ties that fit around the neck under the shirt collar. These are available for young boys, with 3 main size groups: baby age 0 to 24 months, toddlers age 2 to 5, and boys age 6 and up.

For tween and teen boys, I recommend the awesome selection of brand name mens bow ties from Belk.com - the prices are so cheap there that I wouldn't even bother trying anywhere else. These are end of line clearance items from well-known men's brands, so it's definitely worth getting one or more.

Best places for boys belts

Your boy's belt color should match their dress shoes. The two main color options for these are brown and black. I would not recommend going for another color such as navy blue, simply because then if you have one item in an unusual color (for example navy blue shoes) it becomes almost impossible to match the other (the belt). So pick whichever option of brown or black that goes best with your boy's formal outfit. For example if your boy will be wearing a black suit then go for a black belt and black dress shoes. For khaki dress pants and a blazer, you can go with either a brown or black belt and dress shoes.

For teen boys, I recommend the reversible leather belt from French Toast - it's brown on one side and black on the other.

For younger boys, you'll want to go for the black leather or brown leather belt from Janie and Jack (they don't have a reversible option). This belt is your best bet for younger boys because in addition to looking great, these belts come in a range of sizes all the way from toddler to middle school. This ensures your child gets a good fit. This becomes more important than you think - a poorly-fitting belt can spoil the look of the whole outfit.

Best places for boys dress shoes

Ideally you'd want to shop in store for boys dress shoes so he can try it on, instead than online. Buying online does offer extra convenience though (no need to drive out all the way to the mall!) and if when your shoes arrive they don't fit well, the store will usually make it easy to exchange items for another size. You should still carefully read the return and exchange policy at any store where you shop online. It's important for comfort and health that your boys dress shoes fit properly.

For toddlers, I recommend the toddler boys dress shoes at Stride Rite. Stride Rite shoes are especially designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for little growing feet. The brand is about far more than just sneakers and velcro-strap shoes - they also have some awesome dress shoes that go perfectly with a suit.

For elementary school age kids, the best selection and the lowest price point conveniently come together in the boys dress shoes at The Children's Place.

Older middle schoolers and high school boys will need men's sizes; for best quality and style I recommend the men's dress shoes at Kenneth Cole. As an added bonus, the price point is nowhere near as high as you'd think. Alternatively you can get more of a range of styles and prices with the men's dress shoes at DSW, so if you couldn't find what you wanted at Kenneth Cole or if price is an issue, you'll likely find what you need at DSW.

Best places for boys dress socks

The color of dress sock your boy needs will depend on the shoe color. With a black shoe, black or gray socks are best. With a brown shoe, light brown or navy socks are best. The style called "crew sock" is best for what you want, you won't want an ankle sock or loafer sock. Crew socks or dress socks are easy to find at most places; you don't need a particular brand. These socks should be fairly thin (not thick like athletic socks) and go well above the ankle, to the calf or above. I recommend going for the boys dress socks at Amazon.com.

Final thoughts on boys formal accessories

Whether you're looking for toddler boy or teen boy formal accessories, this article has you covered! Above are the best places for boys belts, ties, dress shoes and dress socks.

If you're still looking for clothing and outfit ideas for his formal event, you should check out my complete guide to boys formal clothing.

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