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Wonderbly review - personalized books for adults and kids

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this page. This helps keep this site running

Table with Wonderbly hardcover personalized book for adults

This is a review of Wonderbly based on my experience buying a personalized book for my husband. Wonderbly is better known for its personalized books for kids but they also have titles for adults as well. This can make an awesome gift idea for someone who is hard to buy for. Here I'm going to mention what you need to know about Wonderbly - the good and the bad.


  1. You get to personalize with more than just the name - this sets Wonderbly apart from other personalized book companies. For example, when I bought the "Best Husband Ever" title for my husband, in addition to his name I was also asked to select a set of qualities (such as hard working, dependable, funny) from a predefined list. I also was allowed to select from 2 very different versions of the cover art. Besides that, you are also given the choice to whether you want to add in the names of kids. If you decide to add in the children's names then the book also includes bits about how the husband is a great dad to the the kids and it'll include their names. If not, it doesn't say anything about being a dad. As a consequence, this book is perfect for couples with or without kids.
  2. Fast production and delivery - I live in the US while Wonderbly is based in England. I was therefore expecting it to take awhile for the book to arrive, but it didn't! At first I didn't really believe their ship dates would be that fast - I thought their estimate must have been exaggerated, but the book arrived in time. I received the book 11 days after ordering, which was pretty impressive considering they had to print an entire personalized hardcover book and ship it to me. This reliability is especially important if you're getting the book as a birthday gift, for example. They clearly state the date you'll receive it during the order process before any payment.
  3. The book is a nice large size and the font is nice and large too - whether you're looking for a personalized book for kids or for adults, either way you'll want the end result nice and large sized, which it is.
  4. Illustrations are colorful and fun - Wonderbly does not skimp on the illustrations! The art has a fun, upbeat look and is very high quality. These books are certain to put the recipient in a happy mood!
  5. There is a lot more to the book than what you see in the preview - During the order process, they show illustrations of samples of some of the pages so you can get a feel of what those pages might look like with the personalization choices you typed in. When I received the book, I was impressed that there was a lot more to the book than what I saw in the preview - lots more pages than I had expected and lots more awesome things on the pages.
  6. The ordering process is fun, easy and efficient - no mess, no fuss. I was able to select the title and personalize it in a very quick timeframe. They make every step easy, clear, and fun.


  1. Price - the price for an adult title was a little high for what it was. Some of their children's books start at cheaper prices though.
  2. Added charges for hardcover and shipping - although pricing and charges were made clear at every step, it felt a little frustrating to be given a price at the beginning, only to see it creep up if I wanted to make it hardcover (I did) and to ship it to you (which is necessary anyway).
  3. The hardcover book does not lie flat easily - you can't just lay it open to a page to enjoy it. I thought the hardcover would look a lot better as a gift than the softcover version, and it certainly looked great hardbound, but you can't open it to a page and have it lay it flat on the table.

As you can see, there are plenty of good things but also a few bad things about Wonderbly. The negatives were mainly regarding the price, so if that is not an issue for you then you should feel confident with shopping there - they are reliable, the product is good, and it arrives when it says it will.

The hardcover book not lying flat was a little frustrating, but not a deal-breaker - I know my husband will be thrilled with it. That said, I thought it was a point to mention it in this review.

Montage of Wonderbly book showing parts of interior pages

Plenty of choices for children's personalized books

Although I shopped for an adult book, you've got even more choice of books if you're looking for children's personalized books. Helpfully, you're also able to shop by the child's age: 0-3, 3-6 and kids 6 and up. Some of these are geared more toward girls, others toward boys, and there are plenty that work for both genders.

I love that there are plenty of personalized storybooks there with plots for any situation.

A few titles are even designed for multiple children where all 2 to 4 kids that you specify are equal co-stars in the story, for example the title "That's MY cake!", making it perfect as a gift for siblings.

On the info page for each title, there's a drop-down information box of personalization info which lets you know exactly what things are personalized besides the child's name. This also gives you a better feel for the book itself. They also give you a brief synopsis of the storyline as well.


If you're looking for personalized books for kids or adults, Wonderbly is perfect. They are a reliable and legitimate company, and they allow you to personalize more details than just the name, setting them apart from other companies.

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