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Best places for girls and boys elastic waist jeans

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Boy in jeans - where to find pull on jeans for boys and girls

Jeans pair well with almost any type of top, but all too often many young kids find jeans difficult because of the need to use zippers and buttons. Children who are recently toilet trained don't always have much warning when they need to go, and you don't want them to risk an accident just because they couldn't get their jeans off in time.

Elastic waist jeans are your friend here! There are 2 different types of elastic waist jeans. You might be thinking of the type that's clearly visible - for example old people's jeans which have that accordian-like elastic look to the back waistband. Fortunately, these are actually not that common in children's clothes. The second type is what I'm going to talk about today: the one where the elastic is invisible and adjustable - it's on the inside of the jeans waistband, visible to no-one except yourself and your child. Here is a close-up photo of it from my child's jeans from The Children's Place:

close up view of inner elastic on Children's Place boys elastic waist jeans

These elastic waist children's jeans look exactly like a regular pair of grown-up jeans - but you can set the inner elastic so you basically wind up with a pair of pull on jeans where you don't need to undo the button or zipper. The button and zipper is perfectly functional, but you can choose to instead set the adjustable elastic to the perfect setting. Speaking from experience, it's a lot easier than you think to find the right setting for the elastic where the jeans won't fall down but can still be pulled down by your child without needing to use the buttons or zipper.

Where to buy boys and girls elastic waist jeans

The Children's Place is best for jeans that have the adjustable inner elastic I mentioned. The reason I like them best is because they have many different styles of jeans available - for example, straight leg, skinny jeans, boot cut, and so on. And along with each different style, you get a choice of different shades of blue (or black). You also have the option of regular sizing, slim sizing, or husky/plus. And the price is right. All of this adds up to you getting the perfect look and size at a cheap price point, so it's a win-win-win.

Another option is OshKosh B'gosh - this brand specializes in denim wear for toddlers and school age kids. Some of their jean styles (but not all) come with the inner elastic waistband. Check the product details carefully before buying - if it has the inner elastic waistband it will say "adjustable waist". OshKosh B'gosh is not as expensive as you might have thought, and when they're having a sale, they can be hands-down one of the cheapest places for jeans.

A final alternative is Old Navy - and yes, they have plenty of options of jeans for toddlers too - it's not solely for school kids and adults. Not all of Old Navy's styles of jeans offer the inner elastic waist, but many do. Simply check the product details info - if it says "interior adjustable waistband" then that's what you want.

And finally, if you're looking for chino style pants with the same thing - inner elastic - here's where to find elastic waist pants for boys and girls.

You heard it first at GoodKidsClothes.com - where children's clothes shouldn't cost the earth!

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