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The best children's sandals for summer

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Children's sandals

Above: These are my children’s pairs of Timberland sandals.

OK, today I’m going to talk about kids sandals. For a while, we used to buy whatever was cheapest at Walmart or Target. But the soles felt hard as a board – not comfy for little feet, and also, I noticed those sandals typically didn’t handle getting wet very well. Then they’d take ages to dry. Ugh.

Then, a few years ago I discovered that Timberland year-after-year makes a very nice all-purpose children’s sandal: it looks like an everyday sandal, yet it can handle getting wet without being uncomfortable or soggy, plus it dries super-fast.

This Timberland Kids Unisex Adventure Seeker 2 Strap sandal at Amazon is a little more costly than the basic-brand Walmart sandals, but we find it actually saves us money by not needing to buy 2 different sandals: one for every day and the other for beach or water park wear. Also, the Timberlands are always available: they make fresh versions of this style every year, so we just go for these since they’re so versatile and comfy.

A $40 Timberland sandal at first sounds pricey but when compared to paying for 2 lots of $20 Walmart sandals (one regular sandals for dry stuff, one pair aqua sandals for the splash playground), it’s a pretty good deal – plus the Timberlands are WAY more comfortable for little feet. You can press the sole down and it has a nice amount of “give” to it, unlike the hard-as-a-board sandals from the big-box stores. I love knowing that my kids can be on the go all day long and their feet will still be comfortable.

These sandals can literally take whatever your children throw at it. Completely covered in mud? Yes it’s happened to us. No problem! Just fill a bucket with warm water and a little dish detergent, drop the sandals in, soak for a few minutes, scrub one sandal against the other as needed to get stubborn dirt off, and you’re good to go.

I also like that the soles are made with odor resistant technology. In the summer, my boys do tend to get a little foot odor, so this really helps compared to other brands of sandals. And those with more than one kid will enjoy the fact that there are a whole array of color options to pick from so you’ll never get the sandals mixed up.

Durability is great – we’ve never had a pair fall apart. The only reason we’ve replaced them is from kids outgrowing them.

If you’re on a super-tight budget then yes it’s true that these can be a little bit more of a "want" than a "need". In that situation, please don’t feel that these are a must-have item for your child. But if you have even a tiny bit of leeway in the budget, I highly recommend them because of the fact you only need the one pair of sandals for the whole summer, and they’re sooo super-comfy for the kiddos. Last time my child was able to use his pair for 2 consecutive summers, and this saved us having to buy an extra pair until now.

Where to buy:

I find the best color range and pricing for these Timberland sandals to be at Amazon. They typically sell for anywhere from $30 to $40 a pair there. Plus it’s easy and convenient – no need to drag your kids from store to store.

Summer fun:

Speaking of summer, I’ve also written a separate article on 23 ultra-cheap or free kid’s activities for summer to make sure your kids have fun AND you get to save your sanity!

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