How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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How to find stylish kids clothes online for cheap

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Buying kids clothes online saves you a lot of time that you can then put toward other things. Relax with your child, play a game with him or her, read a book, or get the next thing done on your to-do list. Here I'll tackle the question of how to find stylish clothes for kids online at a cheap price point. Yes, you have a lot more options for that than you might think.

You can find stylish kids clothes for similar or cheaper than at major discount stores

First I want to bust the myth that you need to shop at Target or Walmart if you want to buy cheap kids clothes. I used to think this was what I had to do if I wanted to save money, but I was wrong! There's nothing wrong with shopping at those stores, but I realized that there are many stylish specialty kids clothing stores which are actually similarly priced or even cheaper than Walmart and Target.

If I had to name the absolute best example of such a store, it would be The Children's Place. They almost always have a sale going on of some sort. There you can buy the basics (pants, tops, skirts, dresses, and more) usually at everyday prices that are cheaper than the "big-box" stores. Also, in my opinion The Children's Place offers much better-looking styles. They also have extended sizing as well as standard sizing, so you can get slim or plus sizes for your child - not all stores offer that.

If you'd like to find more stores that I recommend for this, take a look at my article about 6 best budget-friendly kids clothing stores.

You can get brand-name clothing for similar pricing as discount stores, by shopping at the right time

Here's a perfect example of brand name clothing at a price similar to discount stores: I routinely get OshKosh B'gosh kids jeans for under $15 a pair. That's similar to discount store pricing, and it's a fantastic brand! How do I do that? I simply watch for online deals. When they have doorbuster sales on the jeans, that's when I'll buy. These doorbusters happen a lot more often than you might realize.

Other tips for finding stylish yet cheap kids clothes online

You may also like the article I wrote about preparing your child for winter at a cheap price point. I've also written about how to put together a runway-look outfit for your child on a discount store budget. If your boy or girl has trouble with buttons and zippers, you may also want to check out my summary of the best places to buy elastic-waist khaki-style pants for kids - it definitely makes the school year easier for those little ones.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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