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7 Unique gifts for a one year old that won't break the bank

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

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One year old child's room - gift ideas for a 1 year old

Finding meaningful gifts for a one year old can seem like a challenge, but it's a lot easier than you might first think. Here I cover options for first birthday gifts that are memorable and unique. These work equally well as birthday presents or as neat gifts for any other time of year, for example Christmas.

1. Personalized name board puzzle

A personalized name puzzle makes an exciting gift. This is likely to be baby's first puzzle, so why not have one which features his or her name? For this, I recommend any of the personalized name puzzles from Child Universe - they have a selection of different themes. You can opt for the straightforward style of puzzle shown above, or a woodland theme, a safari theme, and so on.

2. Ocean themed slider toy - like a marble run but for 1 year olds


Put ocean creatures on this slide and watch them slide down! This slider toy from toddler brand Melissa & Doug is similar to a marble run in concept, but made safe for 1 year olds - the "marbles" are large spherical ocean creatures which are toddler safe and can't fit in their mouth.

This toy is both fun and educational: baby learns cause and effect. It offers plenty of hands-on fun and is certain to be a big hit. If you're looking for unique first birthday gifts, this one is a great choice - because it's comparatively rare to see a marble run style of toy made especially for such a young child.

3. A board book with objects and their names

As a mom, I quickly realized that baby's first book does not need a story or plot at all - in fact, it's better without that! My children's favorite first book was one with pictures of objects and their names. Each picture is of something very different, adding to the excitement. For this, I recommend First 100 Words: A padded board book by Roger Pridday at Amazon.com.

If you're seeking educational gift ideas for a 1 year old, this is an excellent option. As an added bonus, it's very easy on your wallet!

4. Take-along shape sorter


Toys that travel easily are always much appreciated by the one year old and their parents! This take-along shape sorter by Melissa and Doug is pure portable fun. The toy is made out of its own bag with a carry handle and zipper. It makes it so easy to transport without pieces falling out - unlike traditional shape sorters which don't have a zipper or anything to keep all the items together.

You can't beat this if you're seeking gift ideas for a 1 year old which their parents will appreciate too. Portable toys are so helpful and convenient when taking the child out and about (for example, in a waiting room).

5. Personalized first birthday plushie

You can never go wrong with a personalized soft toy with baby's name on it from Etsy! This cute toy and its personalization text is especially designed to celebrate a first birthday, making it unique and fun.

6. Sensory rolling balls


A 1-year old loves toys that can be rolled along the floor. These sensory rolling balls from FatBrainToys have ridges that capture baby's imagination. The different textures of these balls encourages the birthday child to pick them up and roll them on the floor. Each sphere has 2 textures on it. A toy that is tactile like this is ideal for toddler learning and development.

For 1st birthday gifts that baby can play with immediately upon opening - no setup required - this is your best bet.

7. Personalized first birthday book

A birthday book personalized with the child's name is going to be something they will treasure for a lifetime. I recommend the First Birthday For You book from Wonderbly. This is all about the child's first birthday - his or her name is on the front cover and throughout in this charming book.

Wonderbly is reliable and high quality - you can read the review here of my experience buying a personalized book from Wonderbly.


You have plenty of options when it comes to 1st birthday gift ideas, as shown above. Included in the list above are personalized first birthday gifts, as well as other meaningful and unique ideas. Now you can focus on having fun celebrating the little one's birthday!

If you're the parents, you might also like my guide to planning a party for a first birthday, as well as food ideas for a 1st birthday party.

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