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Where to get pull on elastic-waist khaki style pants for girls

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girl in khaki pants doing schoolwork

If you’re looking for nice trendy girl’s khaki pants that don’t have snaps or zippers, you’ve come to the right place.

A few years ago, these didn’t exist anywhere for girls – or at least not that I could find, and believe me I’ve looked! Fortunately, children’s brand French Toast decided to be the first to offer khaki-style elastic waist pants for girls. I’ve shopped at French Toast before and found that the quality is excellent and the prices are surprisingly affordable.

French Toast is actually a school uniform store – but even though my kid’s school doesn’t have a uniform or dress code, I still shop there about once a year for good quality basics to add to their wardrobe. As an added bonus, I can rest assured that other kids aren’t going to be wearing the exact same pants: most parents in non-uniform schools simply won’t think to shop there. It’s my little secret that I’m sharing with you!

If I snag a good find, I sometimes purchase it in the next size up to have it ready for next season.

There's no need for your child to have extra stress at school just because she can't yet do buttons and zippers. This is something you can work on at home, but in the meantime it's good to know that clothing exists that allows her to use the bathroom independently - while still looking great.

Rest assured you still have other options – they’re just not elastic waist pants: You may also like to read my separate article covering some other cute clothing options for children who can’t yet handle buttons zippers and snaps.

Spooky Savings: 15% off Sitewide at French Toast!

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