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Christmas gift ideas for family members - niece, nephew, in-laws and more

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this page. This helps keep this site running.

Wrapped presents and Christmas themed wrapping paper

Need to buy Christmas gifts for the extended family? I've got you covered! These gift ideas will go over well with your relatives, yet are not expensive.

Your mother or mother-in-law

She'll love this handbag organizer hanger from Amazon. It hangs on an ordinary closet rail, but has these spaces to hang handbags on the sides.

I bought one for my mother-in-law and she raved about it so much that I then bought one for myself too! I can attest that it's the perfect thing for hanging up your handbags. That way they're not sitting on the floor, nor are they using up valuable shelf space. Every time I reach for a handbag, I'm glad I got this hanger. Your mother or mother-in-law might not even know that this type of product even exists, so she may never think to buy one for herself. This is certain to go over well as a Christmas gift.

If you want another option for your mother-in-law or mom, give her a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes in the modeling and acting world with the book My Body by Emily Ratajkowski. This book has plenty of appeal, since it's not just purely an account of Emily Ratajkowski's life as a model, but also an exploration of men's treatment of women, and lots of details about what goes on in lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Your father or father-in-law

When it comes to gifts for family members, it's not as hard as you think to buy for the man of the generation above you.

If he's a handyman, get him this neat reusable quad-rule project planner from Amazon!

If he loves adventure fiction, go for Ascension by Oliver Harris, which I highly recommend.

It's a very manly book, and hits that "middle ground" perfectly - on the one hand, an exciting and fast-paced action plot that won't lost his interest, while on the other hand still holding together in an intellectually satisfying way.

An additional gift you can get him, or a good stocking stuffer for Christmas, is this manly lip balm from Etsy. Don't let him get dry chapped lips because he's too embarrassed to use Chapstick or other ordinary lip balm! He's sure to appreciate this.

Your sister

Get her a cute to-do list! Even if she does most of her scheduling on her phone, she'll still need an awesome pre-organized paper space for her to-do's and any ongoing projects she has. I love this gorgeous personalized tear-off notepad from Etsy, with each page sectioned off into manageable areas.

If she's already organized, then go instead for the clean lines and a pop of color of your choice with this handmade key keeper and trinket dish from Etsy. It's beautiful yet simple, and having an eye-catching place to put her keys will boost her happiness. This Christmas gift gets her off to a great start for the New Year!

Your brother

Your brother will love this multifunction stylus pen from Amazon. This is a manly touchscreen stylus that also is a ballpoint pen, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, 4" ruler, and a level.

Your grandmother

A good way to show her you appreciate your grandmother's wisdom and guidance over the years is a heartfelt personalized embroidered handkerchief such as this one on Etsy.com. You are able to include your own personalized message. If that sounds too complicated for you, just go with the example message they give in the image and put the appropriate names on it. These handkerchiefs are often designed as a gift from a bride to her relatives, but it's not limited to this occasion - we bought this for my husband's grandmother as a special birthday gift and she loved it. There need be no mention of your wedding or wedding date on it if you don't want to, we just put a heartfelt message with her name at the top and both our names below.

Another option is a box of chocolates - it will always go over well, unless of course she's not allowed for medical reasons. There are even special sugar-free chocolates available that are compatible with most diabetic requirements. Also, don't think that chocolates are too generic, especially at her age - your grandmother may well already own a lot of home items, and chocolates will instead make it feel like you're giving her a special time, closer to an experience than a physical item.

Your grandfather

If you're doing the handkerchief idea for your grandmother, they're also available in a manly style for grandfathers.

If your grandfather is an analog style of guy, then this weather station is perfect - it has a thermometer, barometer and hygrometer.

If he's more into the outdoors though, he may prefer this outdoor analog thermometer and hygrometer. He can install it on a wall or fence near his garden and check the temperature and humidity near the plants.

Your tween or teen nephew

Don't worry, we have your tween or teen family member covered - even if he already has everything imaginable! He will love this small personalized gamertag light-up sign at Etsy.com. It can function either as a more grown-up night-light for him, or as an awesomely cool sign near his gaming station. He'll be the envy of his friends with this.

For more ideas, take a look at the separate article I wrote about gifts for tween or teen boys here.

Elementary school age nephew

For an elementary school age boy, I recommend the Heap O Sheep Game at Amazon. It's a game where players literally catapult sheep into a pen, so it has plenty of appeal. It's perfect as an exciting indoor game when it's too cold to play outside.

Another fantastic choice is this top secret money safe from Amazon.com.

Your tween or teen niece

If your tween or teen family member likes crafts, she'll love putting together this modern-day miniature dollhouse from Amazon. This is a wonderfully unique gift that really stands out.

Another great idea is this cute yet sophisticated jewelry box at Amazon.

Or to really make her room shine, go for this decorative felt letter board from Amazon where she can create and change the message on the board.

Elementary school age niece

For a younger girl, I love this handbag with mommy and baby unicorn at Amazon.com. You can't go wrong with this!

Toddler boy or girl

Yes, there are plenty of great Christmas gift ideas for the toddler age crew - in fact I made a whole separate article about these. You can take a look at the article on educational toys for toddlers here.


OK, I think I've covered all your family gifts for Christmas! Have fun shopping! Remember, it's the thought that counts in your gift ideas for family members. Don't fall into the temptation to buy more than you can afford. Although I've tried to keep this list affordable, don't feel like you need to buy something for a family member if the item is outside of your budget. Something from the heart like home-made cookies or a handmade craft is always certain to go over well, as it showed you actually spent your time on this family member personally.

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